Grow with the flow and turnip the beet!

Everyone is talking baby vege, are you?

Our Story

In the heart of Waikato, you will find a specialty baby vegetable grower, Southern Fresh Foods. We pride ourselves on producing an extensive range of baby vegetables, herbs, and salads. Owned and operated by the Dunn family with a mission to grow quality produce for people who are passionate about food. With 20 years of growing experience, we have been able to perfect our gourmet offering ready for you this winter!

The Offering

Eat with your eyes, then with your mouth. This range adds not only rich flavour to a dish, but also makes the plate pop with character and vibrancy. With winter creeping in, baby vegetables are a must in every chef’s kitchen. No longer cast to the side of the dish, these vegetables take center place. The beauty of the baby vegetable range is the ability to slow roast and serve the vegetables in their original form, green tops and all. No need to chop, slice, and dice. With the baby vegetables being available all year round it makes for easy menu changes to suit trends and other seasonal produce. Classy, delicious, fresh, and authentic, make sure these little beauties are featured on your winter menu this year.

How it‘s done






Orange and Cumin Cured Duck w/ Golden Beetroot, Charred Baby Leek, Golden Beetroot and Carrot Puree, Sweet Leek Puree, and an Anise Jus

Steven Paterson

Venison Loin, Juniper, Smoked Carrot, Tamarillo, Black Garlic w/ Chioggia Baby Beetroot and White & Purple Carrot

Ashley Jones